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Abhik Sengupta, parent of GIIS student Abhipsha, 17/02/2011


Let me introduce myself as one of the ex-parents of GIIS, Tokyo who wishes to continue to be a part of the GIIS family.


My daughter, Abhipsha, studied in the kindergarten section of GIIS Tokyo during Apr-Dec, 2010, which is a rather brief period. However, I believe that it left an indelible impression on her tender mind and she would be searching for GIIS, Tokyo in whichever school she goes to henceforth in her life.


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Principal, who created a wonderful environment where young saplings are nurtured to grow into tomorrow's trees, without stress. The uniqueness of GIIS Tokyo is in the rare combination of inculcating discipline and at the same time encouraging imagination in the tiny tots. I must mention that Abhipsha was fortunate to have Ms. Narinder as her teacher, who not only taught her, but understood her emotional needs and won her little heart.  The Principal and Ms.Narinder had become a part of our everyday life, beyond the boundary of the school premises.


I would also like to express my thanks to Ms. Suparna, who always walks that extra mile to ensure that not only the children, but the parents too feel at home and are re-assured about the security of their most precious wealth.


I was fortunate to have had a glimpse of wisdom from respectable Dr. Aftab Seth, during the inauguration ceremony of the kindergarten section in 2010, and realized the roots of inspiration behind the dedicated efforts.


Although we relocated to a different country, we hope GIIS would be generous to count us amongst the family, wherever we go.


Ruth Shiraishi, Parent of Hana, 08/08/2012


My daughter Hana Shiraishi completed her 8th standard at GIIS and is now moving to a different school to prepare for University in the US. When she joined GIIS at the age of 11, she was not confident in her ability in Mathematics and always felt behind in her studies and grades. It was the wonderful tutelage of the GIIS Principal and teachers who made my daughter into the confident, eager and joyful person she is today.


I am forever grateful to GIIS for their partnership in helping me raise two wonderful children who will surely make their mark of hope and love on this earth.

I want to thank you all for giving her the opportunity to be the school captain, take a lead in her class and benefit from all the love and care you provided. My daughter is a better person and will contribute more to society because of GIIS. I will continue to recommend GIIS as the best international school in Tokyo with its open mind policy towards race, religion and creed as well as its true focus on learning and growth in an environment seeped in warmth and gentle love.


Shing Siah Lee, Parent of Ena Sato, 13/03/2011


Dear Mrs. Rajeshwary and all the teachers and staff of GIIS,

Please allow me to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for taking very good care of Ena Sato during and after the scary earthquake that will leave a permanent mark on our hearts. Due to the distance between where I work and the school, it took me almost 6 hours to reach Tobu Hall after the first strike to pick Ena up.


When I reached the Tobu Friend Hall, everyone was surrounding her and trying their best to calm her. I was very much relieved and at the same time lost for words when I saw that she is safe.


Thank you very much.

Best regards,
Ena Sato's mother Shing Siah Lee


Lopamudra Tripathy, Parent of Shreyas, 10/02/2012


Dear GIIS Tokyo Staff and teachers,
My son, Shreyas Tripathy of K2 B, has already spent more than 2 years in GIIS Tokyo kindergarten section. He is enjoying everyday of his school with caring teachers and staff.


Without a single tinge of doubt, I would like to give credit to his class teacher Ms. Amita Shrimal for her care, love and teaching. She has the characteristics of a perfect teacher: being strict and loving towards the children and maintain professional relationships with parents. My son is lucky to have her as his class teacher.


I wish he would get teachers like her throughout his life.


Thanking GIIS family,
Lopamudra Tripathy


Deepa Gopalarathnam, Parent of Shreya, 13/03/2011


Shreya - Grade 3 student at GIIS Tokyo reached home yesterday, well before the quake and is safe. The class teacher Mrs. Vrinda called us in the morning to confirm. Thanks and kudos to GIIS staff/teachers for handling this well.


Best regards,


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